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Adoption Application Form

The Belmont County Animal Shelter is operated by the Belmont County Animal Rescue League (BCARL). BCARL is the Humane Society of Belmont County in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code section 1717. BCARL is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit organization (certificate number 459933).

Animals from our shelter are placed only after careful consideration as to what situation is best for them. An adoption application must be completed and approved before any of our animals are placed. Animals are NOT placed on a first come first serve basis. In most cases we have spent extended periods of time with our animals and we know what situations are good for the animal and what situations are not.

Please carefully complete this application so we can help you find a pet that best fits your situation. Once your application is approved, you will be required to sign a contract before adopting one of our animals. This contract contains a $750.00 violation clause penalty that you may be responsible for if you provide false information.

By submitting this application, you hereby certify that you are at least 18 years of age and that the information provided in this application is true to the best of your knowledge.

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